Best CRM Software For MLM

Are you a MLM or network marketing distributor looking for the best CRM software for MLM?  Then you have come to the right place!  When you join any network marketing company the primary goal is to get customers or new distributors for your business.  That means you will have to organize and track all your contacts and leads.  It is absolutely imperative you use a good CRM that lets you automate some of the marketing so that you can really optimize your time. But, you also need to find a lead management tool (or sales management system) that is easy to use and that allows you to focus on your business without wasting time on using it.  The good news is that there is a new sales management software on the market developed by a guy who used to be a top distributor in a couple different MLM companies.  The new system is called, What is so awesome about this new system is the ability to setup custom sales-flows while being able to automate emails within each stage.  Basically, you have the ability to automate as much as you want.  And as you grow your team, you can continue to add team members (the distributors you sign up) and help manage their leads.  It is super cool and you really need to check it out. There’s no question that ClickHook is one of the best lead management systems on the market right now.  It has taken away all the complexity of normal sales CRM’s and made it really easy for anyone to start tracking their leads.
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